uvitalonghouse is a private project built with the idea of simplicity, minimizing wasted space, unnecessary costs and abundance, respecting nature and the local micro climate by using building materials typical for Costa Rica, in a tropical modern architecture.

The houses are designed with the intension to feel inside like outside, live close to flora and fauna and at the same time to be protected from rain and sun.


With the idea of minimizing sealed ground surfaces on the property, maximizing privacy in the garden and pool area, as well as enjoying the view to the surrounding jungle and ocean, led the architect to design a 2 story longhouse.
Its narrowness, in relation to its length, supports the suggestion that it is a massive gate across the property. The transparent entrance opens the view to the landscaped garden and further on to rainforest and ocean.
The overhang of the second story supports the idea of its floating into the nature.

Wide wooden stairs lead to the spacious terrace, made of local timber. This main outdoor living room connects the combined kitchen/living room to the master bedroom overlooking the jungle and the Pacific Ocean with breathtaking sunsets. For the rainy season a fireplace was designed to dry out the indoor living room.

The inside is divided by concrete built-in furniture, and the floors are made of stained polished concrete. Straight clear lines, minimalism of furniture and decoration invites the resident to enjoy the spirit of the tropical outside, surrounded by a simple inside design.

Big sliding doors, glass fronts and wood louver doors open to an elevated view of the garden, providing an easy interplay between indoors and outdoors. A sophisticated ventilation system of wood shutters and roof ventilation use the natural air flow to dispense with need for air-conditioning.

Esthetic garden bathrooms emphasize the open living character of the houses and invites the inhabitants' minds to focus on the essentials of life.