Construction Services

finished her studies in architecture in 1999 at the university (FH) Karlsruhe, Germany. After six years working on residential and commercial projects in Germany and Spain, she and her husband decided to move to the beautiful south of Costa Rica.

Living since 2005 in this tropical and humid climate, she collected plenty of experience about "jungle life" and through her living experiences in Costa Rica she learned many important items that should be contemplated as features for a house to make it functional in the tropics, and about the process of properly getting these concepts and experiences communicated to the Costa Rican registered professionals involved in the preparation and registration of the corresponding building plans.

Reference Projects


  • Construction Management and Administration Services.
  • Organization and Assistance for the process of Building in Costa Rica.
  • Assistance in the process of preparing conceptual ideas for building interiors.
  • Visualisation services.
  • CAD drawing services.


Please contact me at kerstin [at] uvitalonghouse [dot] com . Thank you!

Disclaimer: does not provide services as a registered Costa Rican architect or engineer. Her services are oriented towards helping persons with the process of putting ideas and concepts for building projects together so they can be properly presented for the process of preparation of building plans by the corresponding Costa Rican registered professionals and towards helping persons with the management of the building process.